We believe that business should be a force for good. That’s why we invest time and a portion of our pretax profits to aid in the transformation of individuals who suffer from addiction, oppression, and homelessness. We call it the Power of Purpose.
Involve MN

Involve MN is on the front lines serving the homeless and vulnerable in Minnesota, through providing resources and connections, with the goal of transforming lives.

Anurag Society

Anurag Society is changing the lives of women and children in an impoverished part of New Delhi, India. Through education and other services, they bring hope and a future to more than 1000 women and children. Learn more - http://www.anuragsociety.org/

Brittany's Hope

Brittany’s Hope empowers families and communities to make a real and lasting change in the lives of orphaned and at-risk children through international special needs adoption grants and humanitarian initiatives.  Learn more - https://www.brittanyshope.org/

Know the Truth

Know the Truth’s mission is to prevent teen substance, and ultimately save lives and build safer, stronger communities.  They partner annually with 200+ Minnesota schools to educate nearly 60,000 middle school and high school students.  Learn more - https://www.knowthetruthmn.org/